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Garden Furniture Mallorca

Knox Design Garden Furniture in Mallorca

When one dreams of lazy summer days in the Mediterranean, garden furniture plays a key role. Garden furniture must be solid and resilient enough to withstand the baking hot midday sun and the cooler evenings of winter months. Garden furniture must also be beautiful, adding elegance and beauty to your Mallorcan garden or terrace. Lastly, garden furniture must be comfortable, so one can spend endless hours resting, relaxing, chatting or entertaining. Whether the setting is poolside or under a shady pergola, at Knox Design we have the best garden furniture on offer.

In many of our projects we seek to create a flow from the interior to the outer areas of the home. In order to achieve this, our range of garden furniture is extremely diverse. There are collections of garden furniture to create small intimate spaces to watch the Mallorca sunset or have a quiet drink. Our dining garden furniture boasts long tables with comfortable seating for those long summer meals. Sunshades, outdoor sofas, barbecue grills, all-weather soft furnishings… the best choice of top quality garden furniture in Mallorca.

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