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Outdoor Furniture Mallorca

Knox Design Furniture Stores in Mallorca

Mallorca is a beautiful island and if you own a home here you are going to want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. We understand that it is extremely important to have the perfect outdoor furniture to make this time as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Choosing the right outdoor furniture for you is vital. Therefore, at Knox design we have a wide range to choose from. The options are endless with Stainless Steel, Synthetic Weaves, Teak, Batyline or Natural Rattan all being options it is all down to personal preference, but it is a choice our experienced team can help you with depending on your location and needs.

Another factor to take in to consideration is what outdoor furniture you are going to need. Comfortable sun beds are vital for sunbathing in the summer, a nice chill out area with sofas and armchairs is a great option for those sunsets in the evening, and an outdoor dining area is vital for all those al-fresco meals.

We exhibit all of our outdoor furniture, guess where? outside! This way you can get a real feel for how it feels and reacts to our climate.

Our best advice is to invest well in your exterior furniture as it is likely to get more use than your furniture inside and it needs to stand up to the elements and still look and feel great.

View Knox Design's Garden Furniture in our Projects...

"The art of Luxury Living"

The art of Luxury Living

Whilst the word luxury can still mean opulence, expense and a non necessity, it has now taken on a new meaning in many of our lives as we face the absence of freedom of movement, dining out, being with friends and family or even retail therapy. Things we took for granted previously - catching a flight, face to face communication or a hug - feel like pure out-of-reach luxury these days.

So what does the Knox slogan "The art of Luxury Living" stand for?

  • HAPPINESS: As your home is one of the biggest investments that you will probably make in your life, it should have the power to make you happy. A smile should be hard to contain when you open your gate or your front door.
  • COMFORT: Is it good enough to just look great? NO. at Knox we understand that your furniture should be comfortable as well as beautiful, we understand the pleasure of a long leisurely lunch in the sun, a perfect bed for lazy morning lie-ins or a sofa that supports your back and neck whilst you watch your favourite film, read that novel that your purchased at the airport or simply sit a chat with family and friends. We also understand the comfort of a warm towel after your shower, sheets that require less ironing and the right shade of paint to add harmony to your home.
  • QUALITY: For us it's about the service that we offer from start to finish and even beyond. It's about the products that we chose to provide. It's about the fact that we prefer to say "sorry no" than to sell a product that is of poor quality and will not fulfil its use or purpose or the project investments that are too low for us to complete a quality home.
  • TIME: Your time is precious and we understand that the time that we invest in sourcing the right products for you in our store means that yours is saved when you know that you can find what you are looking for right under our roof. When you invest in our services, we know that not only will you have the peace of mind that the result is likely to exceed expectations but that it will be achieved on schedule and in far less time than you could have ever managed alone, giving you more time to enjoy it.
  • UNIQUENESS: At Knox we are not about beige or boring, we believe that every home should be a reflection of its owners and we know that everyone has a different background, has had different experiences, has different dreams and different lifestyles. That is why we know that we need to offer products that are different and unique and help you to create your own reflection in your home not a mirror image of another. We are at our happiest when creating bespoke soft furnishings or showing you how to combine styles, colours and textures to portray your uniqueness.
  • EXPERIENCE: With over 35 years of local knowledge and over 15 years of transforming your homes we know that the experience that we have is a luxury in itself. The fact that year on year our returning customer rate continues to grow encourages us to keep striving to give you, the client, the best customer experience ever.

Transformation of an Apartment in Bendinat by Justine Knox

Colour of the Year 2018

Justine's last 2017 project was a beautiful apartment in Bendinat. It underwent a big renovation. We knocked down walls, rewired and replumbed, added a new kitchen, a new bathroom, underfloor heating throughout, new wardrobes and changed all the doors in the house. We then painted and decorated and changed the lighting. Decided on a colour scheme with the clients and added furniture, soft furnishings and accesorized to finish it off.  

The end result was a up-to-date contemporary apartment, perfect for their holidays in Mallorca and, of course, some very happy clients! Here are some before and after pictures:  

Apartment Bendinat Before EntranceApartment Bendinat After Entrance


Apartment Bendinat Before KitchenApartment Bendinat After Kitchen


Apartment Bendinat Before LivingApartment Bendinat After Living


Apartment Bendinat Before Living 2Apartment Bendinat After Living 2


Apartment Bendinat Before Living 3Apartment Bendinat After Living 3


Apartment Bendinat Before Living 4Apartment Bendinat After Living 4


Apartment Bendinat Before TerraceApartment Bendinat After Terrace


Apartment Bendinat Before Master BedroomApartment Bendinat After Master Bedroom


Apartment Bendinat Before Master BathroomApartment Bendinat After Master Bathroom


Apartment Bendinat Before Guest BedroomApartment Bendinat After Guest Bedroom


Apartment Bendinat Before Guest BathroomApartment Bendinat After Guest Bedroom

Esteban Paris Parfums


A unique and beautiful way to fragrance your homes and offices!

The newest edition to our Home Fragrances Range at Knox Design is Esteban Paris Perfumes. A brand that started 30 years ago in Paris that prides itself on quality. Their passion for travel allows them to bring inspiration from all over the globe. Their products are "Midway between Mediterranean civilization and Japanese refinement" being both beautiful and smelling incredible, fitting perfectly into any Mallorcan Home. 

The Classic Collection

Available in our Homestore. It comes in a range of 8 different scents: Figue Noire, Sous les feuilles, Néroli, Orchidée Blanche, Cèdre, Teck & Tonka, Ambre and Légendes d'Orient. Each scent comes in a variety of products ranging from candles and diffusers to incense sticks and scented charms, as well as, each having their own essential oil. 

Esteban Paris Scents


Esteban Paris Figue Diffusor       Esteban Paris Figue Candle        Esteban Paris Figue Refill


Esteban Paris Figue Incense Sticks       Esteban Paris Figue Charms        Esteban Paris Figue Essential Oil

The Contemporary Universe Collection

Available in our Concept Store. It comes in a range of 6 different scents: Linen & Petitgrain, Yuzu & Pink Salts, Lilac & Tonka, Amber & Starry Vanilla, Blackberry & Wild Almond and Cashmerewood & Ambergris. Each scent is available as a candle, a diffusor or a room spray, as well as, an essential oil. 

Esteban Contemporary Scents


Esteban Paris Yuzu and Pink Salts Diffusor       Esteban Paris Yuzu and Pink Salts Candle        Esteban Paris Yuzu and Pink Salts Refill


Esteban Paris Yuzu and Pink Salts Room Spray       Esteban Paris Yuzu and Pink Salts Essential Oil

Electric Vapor Diffusers

Esteban Paris Parfum's star product! Available in both our Homestore and Concept Store in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca. They come in various designs and you can use any of your favorite essential oils from both collections. By mixing a couple of drops of the essential oil with water the Electric Diffusers create beautifully scented vapor that spreads around your home harmoniously.  

Esteban Paris Extra-Tall Electric Diffusor       Esteban Paris Tall Electric Diffusor        Esteban Paris Black Electric Diffusor


Esteban Paris White Electric Diffusor       Esteban Paris Light Electric Diffusor