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Esteban Paris Parfums


A unique and beautiful way to fragrance your homes and offices!

The newest edition to our Home Fragrances Range at Knox Design is Esteban Paris Perfumes. A brand that started 30 years ago in Paris that prides itself on quality. Their passion for travel allows them to bring inspiration from all over the globe. Their products are "Midway between Mediterranean civilization and Japanese refinement" being both beautiful and smelling incredible, fitting perfectly into any Mallorcan Home. 

The Classic Collection

Available in our Homestore. It comes in a range of 8 different scents: Figue Noire, Sous les feuilles, Néroli, Orchidée Blanche, Cèdre, Teck & Tonka, Ambre and Légendes d'Orient. Each scent comes in a variety of products ranging from candles and diffusers to incense sticks and scented charms, as well as, each having their own essential oil. 

Esteban Paris Scents


Esteban Paris Figue Diffusor       Esteban Paris Figue Candle        Esteban Paris Figue Refill


Esteban Paris Figue Incense Sticks       Esteban Paris Figue Charms        Esteban Paris Figue Essential Oil

The Contemporary Universe Collection

Available in our Concept Store. It comes in a range of 6 different scents: Linen & Petitgrain, Yuzu & Pink Salts, Lilac & Tonka, Amber & Starry Vanilla, Blackberry & Wild Almond and Cashmerewood & Ambergris. Each scent is available as a candle, a diffusor or a room spray, as well as, an essential oil. 

Esteban Contemporary Scents


Esteban Paris Yuzu and Pink Salts Diffusor       Esteban Paris Yuzu and Pink Salts Candle        Esteban Paris Yuzu and Pink Salts Refill


Esteban Paris Yuzu and Pink Salts Room Spray       Esteban Paris Yuzu and Pink Salts Essential Oil

Electric Vapor Diffusers

Esteban Paris Parfum's star product! Available in both our Homestore and Concept Store in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca. They come in various designs and you can use any of your favorite essential oils from both collections. By mixing a couple of drops of the essential oil with water the Electric Diffusers create beautifully scented vapor that spreads around your home harmoniously.  

Esteban Paris Extra-Tall Electric Diffusor       Esteban Paris Tall Electric Diffusor        Esteban Paris Black Electric Diffusor


Esteban Paris White Electric Diffusor       Esteban Paris Light Electric Diffusor