Meet the Team

TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. Meet the crème de la créme of Team Knox! Trained, mentored and encouraged by Bruce and Justine over the years and a key ingredient of Knox business success. SMALL TEAM, BIG DREAM!


Justine is the director and head interior designer at Knox Design and her universe is a multi-coloured one. Her interior design projects and the store itself provide endless opportunities for her to bring flair and style to spaces and homes allowing her to use her talent in many different ways. As the founder of Knox Design, her motto is ‘failure is not an option’; perseverance, hard work and a good dose of faith are key to the success of what is today a family business, where she works alongside her husband and daughter, together with a strong team of professional staff. From her mother she inherited her stamina and resilience, and she herself exudes joie de vivre, with her love of travel, underwater life and outdoor living, art, people and learning new skills. In fact, one of her exciting plans in the near future is to organise courses to teach people what she has learnt over the years.


Bruce Knox is a director at Knox Design and the Knox troubleshooter par excellence. He loves to fix things and can tackle anything except electronics. His positive outlook on life is summarised in his motto: “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today, because if you like it you can do it again”. Stemming from a lineage of Royal Navy admirals, the sea plays a major role in his life and loves. An experienced scuba diving instructor, he has travelled the world with his family plunging into oceans and seas, where his favourite creature is the octopus. When on land, he loves to ride his Harley, to enjoy good food and wine and spend time with family and friends. A true British gentleman, he has instilled the values of gallantry and integrity into his son Jack, he loves Stilton cheese and English breakfasts and British racing green is his favourite colour. He loves working side-by-side with Justine and they make a magnificent team.


Marisa is Justine’s right-hand girl, supporting Justine in the projects and learning the trade day by day. She also helps run the social media side of the business. She has a happy disposition and loves all types of sport, from scuba diving to snowboarding, having competed in rhythmic gymnastics for many years. The discipline and hard work required for such a rigorous athletic pursuit has greatly helped her in her work. She likes to dress in black, grey and white, preferring to enjoy colour in the world around her. She admires honesty, courage and boldness and is always ready to try new things and travel to new places. Of all the many countries she has visited, Cuba stands out for its colours, its music and dancing. Her ambition is to learn more from Justine, hoping to undertake her own interior design projects in the future.


Helping everyone else survive their workday, every day. This is what Deirdre, Knox Design’s Office Administrator, does and enjoys from Monday to Friday. As a mother of three, organisation, tidiness and resource planning are skills that this calm and collected lady has mastered over the years and put to good use in her job. Thirty years in Mallorca and with Irish blood running through her veins, she makes the most of island life, spending time with family and friends. Honesty and kindness are first and foremost in her book. She adores going back to Ireland, where the sound of live folk music in the pubs and the green landscape still enthral her. Future endeavours for Deirdre are ballroom dancing classes and a holiday in the Maldives.


The General Manager at Knox, he is responsible for supervising the staff and ensuring everything is running smoothly. Managing a largely female team, he is skilful in spotting and quickly solving any issues, which accounts for the happy and harmonious energy in the Knox Design Store. He is also an accomplished performer in aerial acrobatics, a skill he has perfected over many years, having worked in shows in China, Seattle and all over Spain. His love of show business is reflected in his passion for bling, feathers and baroque fabrics, although the main feature of his ideal living space would have to be high ceilings to enable him to train at home. He values perseverance and discipline and strives to be true to himself in all his endeavours. Also passionate about animals (owning a parrot and dogs) and being in nature, he would love to learn to slow down occasionally, to quieten his busy mind and stop to contemplate the magnificence of the natural landscapes of Mallorca.


Born into the second generation of a Mallorcan family interior textile business, fabrics are in her DNA. Sales Assistant and Manager of the Fabrics section at the Knox Design Store, she is passionate about mixing and matching patterns, colours, shapes and textures to create something beautiful that makes clients happy. A true Libran, she pursues balance in all her endeavours. She loves art, Tarantino films, cats, Sinatra and travelling around the world. Her ideal home would be a boho-chic loft in Paris although she is too attached to her island, family and friends to spend too long a time away.


Meet Karl Grant, photographer by appointment to Knox Design, whose enthusiasm and experience is reflected in the amazing images of projects, the Knox Home Store and the staff that grace the website and the Knox Magazine. Born a Londoner but raised in Manchester, he hit the ground running after graduating by becoming the principal photographer for Roland Klein, fashion designer to celebrities, including Princess Diana. He has lived in Mallorca for 18 years with his wife Vikki and his dogs, cat and peacock in a beautiful country home where he has his own studio. He loves the amazing variety of interesting people you meet on the island. Photography is an industry in constant flux, with new technologies to learn and master, forever keeping you on your toes. Karl brings his passion for photography, design and architecture to all his Knox photo shoots and, as he rightly says, ‘photography is never one person: it is always about collaboration’. He enjoys working with creative people, who bounce off each other, and he and Justine make a pretty good team.Click Here to see more of Karl's work.

"Creating homes you will never want to leave"