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Justine Knox Interior Design Interview with ABC Mallorca

In ABC Mallorcas Interior Designers on Mallorca series, Justine Knox, Knox Design, was interviewed. Justine was asked about her dream projects, her eclectic fusion of styles and about how she planned on opening a second concept and funiture store in Mallorca. 

Read the interview below:

Where are you from originally?

I was born in the UK


How long have you been living on Mallorca?
For more than t
hirty years.


What do you love most about living on Mallorca?
The mix of people and cultures; meeting interesting people; the climate, and a great location to travel in and out of.


 Where is your interior design space?

I have one very large store in Son Bugadellas close to Santa Ponsa and a second shop in Portals Nous in the southwest of the island.

How would you describe your décor style?
It is eclectic: a fusion of styles which enhance each other. In the end it is all about creating the client’s dream not mine! The décor always has to suit the property and the lifestyle of the owners.

What is your top interior design tip for readers?
Surround yourself only with items that are useful or give you pleasure; otherwise get rid of them. You should feel immediately at home once you walk into your property.

Villa Port Andratx I Bedroom          Villa Port Andratx I Bedroom Ambient          Villa Port Andratx I Kitchen

 Give me a profile of your typical client.

A busy professional who has bought a holiday home and appreciates a quality lifestyle without the hassle. It is a mix of nationalities.

What would be your dream project?
Having the time to do my own holiday home!!! Transforming a house or hotel in a deserted area, with only natural elements surrounding the property . . .

Which is the most interesting project you have ever done and why?
Mon Port House. I met the English couple after they saw some of my projects online. After, literally, a half-hour meeting, they said OK, but they had two criteria: they wanted a very good oven, as the husband likes to cook, and the wife wanted large prints in the bedroom. That was it. They gave me the keys and came back six months later and moved into their new holiday home.

Villa Port Andratx I Bedroom             Villa Port Andratx I Bedroom Ambient             Villa Port Andratx I Kitchen