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Home Decor with a good cause

EA Deco Afripe Collection 2017 Products

'Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!'

Every year more than 10.000 tons of old clothes get shipped to Africa. Only some of those clothes are able to be distributed for use, the rest are just left to pollute.

EA Deco collects these clothes and puts them to good use! Their new collection 'Afripe' is made with the old clothes. Collected, cleaned and cut into strips. The clothes made the perfect binding for the boxes and baskets.

Apart from recycling this company gives a great opportunity to girls and women in Africa. Providing employment for them means giving them a future. In 2002 they set up a weaving school to teach young girls from the villages the trade. They are currently working with 14 villages and have given roughly 2000 women stable jobs. 

All Products in this range are unique!

No piece of clothing used in the making of the Afripe Products is the same, although, they are all pastel or pale colours due to the disinfecting process, therefore they are all different.

We are proud to support this great cause and stock these beautifully crafted products at Knox Design.


EA Deco Afripe Baskets and Rug                      EA Deco Afripe Basket Close Up



EA Deco Afripe Flat Baskets                      EA Deco Afripe Tall Baskets 


EA Deco Afripe Small Baskets                      EA Deco Afripe Small Alibaba Baskets 

Sunbathe in Style with Designer Beach Towels!

Designer beach towels in the Knox Design furniture stores. 

Missoni, Designers Guild and Christian Lacroix as well as many others are in stock now.

Our clients don't only love Designer Brands for their Homes, sometimes they need a little luxury for themselves as well. These Designer Beach towels do both! Jazz up your Sun beds while enjoying the soft feel of these beautiful beach Towels. Choose your favourite brand, your favourite pattern and your favourite colour .

Take a little bit of Designer to the Beach! 

Missoni Home ZigZag Beach TowelsChristian Lacroix Natical Beach Towel



Designers Guild Flower Beach TowelsDesigners Guild Flower Beach Towel


Brighten up your garden with colourful outdoor lamps!

Fermob Balad Lamps

The newest additions to the Knox Design Home Store are the Fermob Balad Lamps!

These modern, rechargeable lamps can be used to light pool areas, garden paths, dining tables and outdoor seating areas. 

They are LED and Cordless allowing for complete versatility.

Various Brightness settings allow you to choose a cool intense light or a warm mellow light. The choice is yours! 

These fun outdoor lights come with colourful aluminium handles giving you the choice to carry, hang or place them wherever you desire. The range of colours allows you to coordinate with your existing outdoor decor. 

Personally, we don't think they should be limited to the garden. Why not use them as a night light for your children? Or a very mobile and versatile lamp for indoors where you are lacking a power point?


Fermob Balad Pink Lamp                      Fermob Balad Green Lamp


Fermob Balad Purple Standing Lamp                      Fermob Balad Orange Standing Lamp


Fermob Balad Small Turquoise Lamp                      Fermob Balad Big and Small Lamp


The Flowers are Blooming!


The weather is brightening up, the birds are singing again and the flowers are blooming!  Spring has now arrived at Knox Design!!! 

Artificial flowers are a great way of adding colour to any room! Match them to your colour scheme or choose a contrasting colour for added effect. Orange and yellow flowers will brighten up your day no matter what the weather is like outside. White flowers are elegant and can work with any colour scheme. Purple and pink flowers are beautiful and will add a pop of colour to any room. 

They work perfectly in any home. Needing practically no maintenance they are ideal for people with busy schedules or people who simply just forget to water their flowers. Give them a quick blow with a hairdryer every now and then to get rid of the dust and your room will look like it's stuck in spring all year round!






Luxury Cashmere Collection


Knox Design have now added a new clothing line to their collection: Weaves and Blends. With Tradicional Craftmanship using an array of weaving techniques, styled to captivate and symbolize the contemporary spirit, this luxury cashmere collection is a great addition to Knox Design's Clothing Range. 

Comfortable pieces ranging from soft lounge pants, ombre wide-fitting t-shirts, loungy cardigans, to flowing scarves. Any of these pieces can be mixed and matched both with each other and with anything in your closet. Style it up to make an amazing outfit with some jewellery and heels or go for a relaxed style with your favorite flats and a cute accessory.


 Mix Weaves and Blends Cashmere Tops and Trousers with Snö of Sweden Jewelry to make the perfect outfit!!!

(All available in Knox Design Stores)

Cobra art 2015

Brand New Unique Collection in Knox Store

If you want to purchase an affordable modern painting, then The European Art Center by Cobra Art offers many opportunities. It is the biggest Art Center of Europe and we represent all styles of original paintings. Together with a group of Dutch artists we are developing up-to-date painting collections.

At Knox Design we can offer you exclusively some of these special collections. In addition, there is an extensive collection of modern photography.
For the business market and for private individuals? For interior decorating shops, hotels, restaurants and for project designers.