Would it be possible to tell me whether you do work on projects with a limited budget?

We work on projects of all budgets big and small, and make sure that you spend your funds where it is most needed. For a limited budget it is important to not waste money on big items that need to be good quality but maybe not designer. Like a well put together outfit, spend money on good accessories which will give the wow factor not the complete ensemble.


The budget would likely be smaller than many of the projects I've seen on your website I'd like to know if you take on such projects.

Providing the budget is enough to achieve what our clients need and at a good standard and quality  we are always willing to take on small projects.

What we wont do is cut corners or work to low standards.

It helps if you have a budget. We have had the experience over many years in this business of people telling us they don’t need a budget because if they like something they’ll just buy it or they don’t want to be limited. Others are not comfortable sharing their financial information. We have absolutely no judgment regarding the amount of money you have and/or are working with.

Your budget is a tool that allows your designer to propose solutions that meet your value system, understanding you better to guide the project appropriately. Without a budget it will be impossible for your designer to recommend design parameters or furnishings effectively. Knowing the tools they have to work with,  designers can then meet their obligations and complete the project smoothly with fewer time delays.

Could you give me details of your prices?

Our fees are based on the size of the project and how much work is involved.

If you're on a tight budget, don't assume that hiring a designer is beyond reach. We will be happy to arrange a few hours of consulting at an hourly rate if you do not want to take advantage of our full turn key services. 

We have a small consultation fee which includes a visit to the property and a meeting with the clients to discuss needs and ideas.

The costs then very much depend on what is necessary, we do have a price guide that we will be more than happy to send to you if you fill in our contact form.

What services would you be able to organise as part of your fee?

The services we offer are:

    • Architect Plans
    • Local Authority Permissions
    • Project Management of all Trades
    • Sourcing all Trades and Materials
    • Interior Design
    • Sourcing Furniture, Soft Furniture and Accessories
    • Storage, Delivery and Placement
    • Equipping your home: Tableware, Kitchenware, Bedding, Towels, Etc.
    • Organising Alarms, Audio-Visuals and Telephone/ADSL lines

Plus anything else that we can help with. We are here to solve problems and provide you with a complete service including as little or as much as you need.

How long will it take to complete our project?

This obviously depends on the amount of work involved, if we need to apply for planning permissions etc.

For a renovation project followed by decorating a time scale of 4 - 6 months is needed possibly more if it is a large property.

As most materials and furniture is sourced outside of our island a 4 - 6 week time period is often needed for large items such as sofas.

To completely furnish and equip a property which needs no renovation work we normally need 3 months however we have completed many projects in a lot less time due to the fact that we do stock our own furniture and accessories and are able to take advantage of this within our own projects

We would like to know how much it would cost me to decorate a complete property (except kitchen and bathrooms) with 3 bedrooms, a dressing room, corridor and lounge.

This is hard to tell as it always depends on what furniture and fabrics brands we use, but we always try to suit everybody’s requirements.

If you can send us photos of the property and let us know which of our projects you like the style of we can give you a rough estimate.

I have seen some of your interior design / renovations, and just want to know how you work. Is it pay per hour?

For Interior design we set a design fee at the start of the project based on the amount of work involved not a percentage of the budget and once the project is finished, if you still need further help our hourly rate is 30€.

We also have a consultancy fee if you need us to be involved with your own builders and other trades or we charge a 10% project management fee for renovation and building works.

I would like to know if you make garden design projects.

We can organise and work with a landscape gardener for you and help with the design to make sure that it flows from the interior to exterior.

We can source exterior furniture, structures, BBQ´s, fountains and much more and can recommend a garden maintenance company to help take care of your garden afterwards.

I was wondering firstly if you would be interested in making new curtains for me and if this is the sort of small project you would do and if so could you let me have photographs of curtains you have made for clients in the past. 

Yes, we do take on projects like this, we have one of the largest selections of fabrics on the island at our studio.

We deal with many soft furnishing projects, curtains, blinds, re upholstery and much more.

We have got to the point where we need to look at the doors, associated woodwork, fitted wardrobe doors and windows and the flooring. We are really stuck as to what to do for the best and we'd welcome some help. If you might be interested in having a look that would be great

We can help you with this sort of project as we work with very good carpenters that I’m sure will help you leaving the house looking great.

A consultation visit sound like it would be the first step.

Client Testimonial:

“Knox design helped me bring to life the true potential to show to others a magnificent home after conversion and upgrade. The importance of professional design and furnishings is a good half of the consideration to finish your home. It is well worth the cost of going to Knox design who more often than not mean you save on certain finishings so at least for the same money they can save time and bring a more professional touch to any home. Shortly after completion we managed to sell the property with the Knox WOW Factor!”