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Stressless Project management in Mallorca

The importance of hiring qualified tradesmen.


When we are designing your dream home we ensure to give it the best attention that it deserves. Not only do we install the best features and accessories but we also ensure that we hire qualified and experienced tradesmen.

Building and renovations can be difficult and extremely stressful. To ease the pressure we have put together a team of qualified tradesmen so that the job goes as smoothly as possible and they are all used to working together and helping each other. Through experience we have found that this not only ensures good quality workmanship but also speeds up the whole process  without delays of  "I was waiting for the electrician to finish his part before i could do mine". 

The work of the tradesmen will reflect in the quality of your home and they are always kept busy working on our projects throughout the year and being availible should any repairs or issues arise in the future. 

Knox design has been Project managing for over 15 years and our attention to detail and professionalism is a high priority.

Just ask our clients.