About us

Meet the Knox Design team and take a look at some of the press coverage we have had, both in our own in-house Knox Magazine and in the Spanish and international media.

The success of Knox owes much to the fabulous team that Justine Knox has managed to build over the years. As in all small businesses, every member plays a crucial part in the day-to-day activities involved in a busy interior design store and service. Much investment is made in staff training and motivation, ensuring that clients are met with a happy and willing attitude backed by in-depth knowledge of each area of the business. The multinational and multilingual Knox team is a perfect reflection of the ethics of the company, headed by Justine, who strives to keep a motivated, hardworking and contented crew on board. Check out the profiles of Justine and all the Knox employees. Learn more about what we do by browsing through the Knox Magazine and our media presence, ranging from live interviews of Justine on local TV to reviews in luxury publications in Mallorca, Sweden, the UK and beyond. And if any questions should still remain unanswered, please read our FAQs section to find out more about how we can best help you to make your home more beautiful. Service with a smile is our motto. Please come and visit us!

About Us:

"Creating homes you will never want to leave"