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Transformation of an Apartment in Bendinat by Justine Knox

Colour of the Year 2018

Justine's last 2017 project was a beautiful apartment in Bendinat. It underwent a big renovation. We knocked down walls, rewired and replumbed, added a new kitchen, a new bathroom, underfloor heating throughout, new wardrobes and changed all the doors in the house. We then painted and decorated and changed the lighting. Decided on a colour scheme with the clients and added furniture, soft furnishings and accesorized to finish it off.  

The end result was a up-to-date contemporary apartment, perfect for their holidays in Mallorca and, of course, some very happy clients! Here are some before and after pictures:  

Apartment Bendinat Before EntranceApartment Bendinat After Entrance


Apartment Bendinat Before KitchenApartment Bendinat After Kitchen


Apartment Bendinat Before LivingApartment Bendinat After Living


Apartment Bendinat Before Living 2Apartment Bendinat After Living 2


Apartment Bendinat Before Living 3Apartment Bendinat After Living 3


Apartment Bendinat Before Living 4Apartment Bendinat After Living 4


Apartment Bendinat Before TerraceApartment Bendinat After Terrace


Apartment Bendinat Before Master BedroomApartment Bendinat After Master Bedroom


Apartment Bendinat Before Master BathroomApartment Bendinat After Master Bathroom


Apartment Bendinat Before Guest BedroomApartment Bendinat After Guest Bedroom


Apartment Bendinat Before Guest BathroomApartment Bendinat After Guest Bedroom

Colour of the Year 2018

Colour of the Year 2018

Ultra Violet - PANTONE 18-3838

2018's colour of the year is a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade. Since 2000 Pantone has been choosing a colour of the year, there have been various pinks and blues, but this is the first Purple. 

“The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.” – Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.

Justine enjoys incorporating colour into many of her projects, ultra violet purple being one of the many colours she and the clients sometimes choose to bring a space to life. This outdoor terrace with breathtaking views is complimented by a bright purple outdoor rug and a couple of cushions. 

Villa Port Andratx Purple Terrace

Ultra Violet is this years trendy colour. Add a little Purple to your home!  

This bold Bathroom from one of Justine's projects incorporates many shades of ultra violet purple in the shower's mosaic tiles and in the vanity's upholstered pouff. The bedroom below is another example of how to use ultra violet purple, this time in more muted tones, paired with cream and silver creating a more elegant feel. Purple is the only pop of colour used in both rooms, paired with other neutral tones it let's that colour do all the talking. 

Purple Bathroom Villa Bendinat 1Purple Bathroom Villa Bendinat 2

Purple Bedroom Apt. Port PortalsPurple Bedroom Apt. Port Portals














If sticking to only Ultra Violet Purple is too scary for you, you can always mix it with other colours! In our Home staging Project in Port Andratx we made the purple fireplace and rugs work by mixing in bright orange and electric blue. A big piece of art on the wall with these colours and some throw cushions decorating the beige sofa really helped bring all the elements together, and with the orange armchairs and coffee table we balanced it all out. 

Living Room Villa Port Andratx

In our Villa Bendinat Project we had an open plan kitchen, dining room and living room in which the client wanted a bright and colourful look. The main feature was the Missoni Home PassionFlower print curtains, and from them Justine picked out three colours to them tie the room together: Purple, Orange and Green. In this case purple is not the main colour in the room, it is actually the second or third most used but without it the space would not be the same. The contrasting cushions and the upholstered purple leather dining chairs and a couple of home accessories may not be the main feature but certain are indispensable to the room as a whole. 

Living Room Villa Bendinat

Living Room Closeup Villa Bendinat 1Dinign Room Villa Bendinat 2




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How to Incorporate 2017's Colour of the year into your Home!

Colour of the Year 2017

Greenery - PANTONE 15-0343

A Bright Yellow-Green Shade is the new Colour of the Year. Since 2000 Pantone has been selecting and naming a colour of the year. Chosen by experts to reflect what is current in the world. Each year this colour is incorporated into the Fashion, Architecture, Food, Travel and Interior Design World. The last time a green was chosen was in 2013. A darker shade named Emerald. 

Justine enjoys incorporating colour into many of her projects. Here is an example of a bedroom, in a very similar shade to Greenery, as part of a beautiful project in Son Vida.  

Green Bedroom in Son Vida

(Products: Wallpaper and Soft Furnishings by Designers Guild, Curtains by Llonch & Sala, Furniture by Casa Nova Gandia)

If this beautiful fresh green theme is a step too far for your taste, there are many more ways to incorporate Greenery into your home!

Here are other examples from Justine's projects in which 'Greenery' is used. Two bathrooms, one in which the client has opted to be brave and tile the shower in this lovely bright colour or another in which small objects and matching towels can incorporate the colour in a more subtle way. 

Adding the 2017 Colour of the Year into your living room can also be a good choice! In these two examples we can see different ways in which Justine has brought green into the room: mix in some scatter cushions, add a coloured throw to the sofa, hang a piece of art or invest in upholstering a chair or a new rug. Stick to Neutral colours with everything else or add in another colour to compliment the green, for example, purple, works perfectly.

Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Living rooms are not the only places in which we can use this new trend. Add Greenery to any room in your home!  

Green Bathroom Villa BendinatGreen Bathroom Villa Son Vida


Green Bathroom Villa BendinatGreen Living room Villa Buñola

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Here is Pantone's Greenery Colour of the Year Video! 


Justine Knox - accredited by the SBID - Society of British & International Design

The Society of British and International Design (SBID) is the professional body registered in the UK to accredit professionals in interior design. 

Knox Design are proud to announce that Justine Knox has been accredited by the  SBID - Society of British & International Design as an International Design Professional demonstrating a professional commitment to excellence and a commitment to her profession.

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SBID Accreditation Papers             Justine Key Door



The Best Outdoor Furniture for Mallorca

Are you looking for the best outdoor furniture for your home in Mallorca? Discover what our furniture store in Mallorca can offer. 

Knox Design have been selling outdoor furniture in Mallorca for over 15 years and we specialize in offering the best options for all tastes and styles.

Owning a home or holiday home in Mallorca is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of our great climate and we strongly recommend that you make the most of your outdoor spaces and furnish them accordingly.

Garden furniture choices include, Metal, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Natural Rattan, Synthetic Weaves, Batyline, Teak and many more options all suitable for outdoors. Make sure to look at all the options available and their care as some are more maintenance friendly than others. So if you don’t want to be a slave to your furniture we would recommend going for Aluminium or Synthetic weave models.Even the highest grade of Stainless Steel needs cleaning and protecting to avoid oxidization.

We personally love Teak furniture, however if you don’t adore the grey effect of leaving it to do its own thing you will need to clean and oil it at least twice a year so keep this in mind when deciding which furniture to chose.

We find that some of our clients overlook storage of cushions for their outdoor furniture leading to either unnecessary stains and damage of them or storage that is so difficult they often miss out on a sunny winter afternoon as its too much hassle to get them out. At Knox Design we can offer covers for your furniture or storage boxes to solve this issue. 

As well as outdoor furniture we also offer a range of BBQ´s, Hot tubs, Sun shades, Outdoor Lights, Hammocks, Planters and much more..

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Point SunbedsVilla Cala Mayor Kitchen After



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How to chose the right materials and colours in your interior design project.

Mixing it up in the right way and avoiding the wrong way.

The difference between a nice room and a well put together and interesting interior designed room is often in the details.

Textures play an important role in creating the right mood. Smooth and shiny for sleek minimalist moods and rough, matt and rustic textures if you are trying to achieve a relaxed casual mood.

If everything matches it becomes boring and uninteresting, aim to add some contrast in textures but without going over the top. For example if everything is shiny, marble floors, glass tables, high gloss furniture and satin fabrics it can be too much, so by using some matt finishes which could be in a rug, fabrics used and natural wood we are adding interest without bold colours or patterns.

Speaking of patterns, of course this is the simplest way to inject interest into a room. However be careful not to add too many different patterns as this can become confusing and overstimulating. A maximum of 3 or 4 is a good rule to follow and try to keep them within the same colour code.

"Don´t play it too safe, by adding a few brave elements you will take your room to the next level." Justine Knox

For more advice book a consultation visit with one of our experts.