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Villa Paguera

Interior Design

  • Painted and Decorated
  • Colour Schemes
  • Furnishing in and out
  • Soft Furnishings
  • Lighting
  • Accessorized
  • Equipped


  • Created entrance hall
  • Created a dressing room
  • Added a guest bedroom

This project involved the renovation and modernisation of a dated and well-worn ground floor property. The clients contacted Justine Knox having seen some of her work when they were house hunting. As they live abroad, their initial communication was over the phone. They filled out the questionnaire Justine sends to her clients to get an insight into their lifestyle. She then presented a mood board and a budget. They loved it and the work began, with the clients looking forward to getting a look-in during the process. However, the pandemic and ensuing lockdown came about, which meant that work had to continue without their presence. Justine worked diligently during this time, keeping the clients involved every step of the way through telephone and Facetime.
The clients wanted colour to be infused into this dark home, and this is just what Justine set out to do. To begin with, she added a partition wall opposite the front door so that one is greeted by a modern vintage console table and vibrant eye-catching artwork- painted by Justine herself!- on arrival. All woodwork and walls were painted white, an ideal backdrop for the colourful furniture. The dining room is a happy space featuring yellow chairs and turquoise side table plus another vivid art piece by Justine (who better to understand what can complement the décor?) on the wall. Three sections have been defined in the living area: a comfortable reading area with pink armchairs, a sitting space with plush couch, and a carved wood cocktail bar with matching mirror on the opposite end, all in bright and fun colours.
The access corridor to the bedrooms has been fitted with floor-to-ceiling mirrored wardrobes, providing storage for the tiny bedroom beyond; this used to be a small office and now is a tiny but colourful room with bed and bedside tables, all in the same palette of warm pinks, serene blues and soft yellows.
The kitchen was given a full coat of glossy white paint, giving it a clean and brand new feel.
The clients wanted an extra bedroom to be created, so Justine carved out a small and compact space from the ample summer room using partition walls. The summer lounge was decorated with a hanging basket chair in the corner and natural wicker furniture with a large open weave for lightness and floaty voile curtains on the windows. To give it a beachy atmosphere, Justine chose a full wall covering evoking a hot summer sunset over the ocean, from which she hung several straw hats.
Eventually, when the clients were finally able to travel to Mallorca, they would be viewing the project for the very first time. They were absolutely thrilled with the transformation and it stands as a testimony to the trust and confidence placed time and again in Justine Knox and her professional team.

Client Testimonial:

"We decided to buy our first property in Mallorca last year and after a couple of failed bids we ended up with a really nice house in Peguera. We have been living abroad as expats for most of our working lives – moving and setting up a house is something we have had to do many times. This time we felt that having a single point of contact and someone who could design and renovate the house would be valuable.
During our house search we saw a house that Knox design had set-up and we were impressed by the workmanship and the joyful design so we contacted her and asked for her help. We have not regretted our decision, especially as Covid-19 happened and we were unable to visit Mallorca the four months after we took ownership of the property.
Justine managed the whole project from inception to the end without having met us in person once and we mostly communicated over chat and phone. When we finally managed to get a flight down and opened the door to our new house we were instantly at home!
We are simply astonished how she understood our preferences and needs this accurately without having met us. We now have a colourful, joyful, charming, inviting and relaxed home in which we can’t wait to invite family and friends!
We would highly recommend Justine and Knox design for any interior and exterior design work."