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Home Decor with a good cause

EA Deco Afripe Collection 2017 Products

'Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!'

Every year more than 10.000 tons of old clothes get shipped to Africa. Only some of those clothes are able to be distributed for use, the rest are just left to pollute.

EA Deco collects these clothes and puts them to good use! Their new collection 'Afripe' is made with the old clothes. Collected, cleaned and cut into strips. The clothes made the perfect binding for the boxes and baskets.

Apart from recycling this company gives a great opportunity to girls and women in Africa. Providing employment for them means giving them a future. In 2002 they set up a weaving school to teach young girls from the villages the trade. They are currently working with 14 villages and have given roughly 2000 women stable jobs. 

All Products in this range are unique!

No piece of clothing used in the making of the Afripe Products is the same, although, they are all pastel or pale colours due to the disinfecting process, therefore they are all different.

We are proud to support this great cause and stock these beautifully crafted products at Knox Design.


EA Deco Afripe Baskets and Rug                      EA Deco Afripe Basket Close Up



EA Deco Afripe Flat Baskets                      EA Deco Afripe Tall Baskets 


EA Deco Afripe Small Baskets                      EA Deco Afripe Small Alibaba Baskets