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Luxury Cashmere Collection


Knox Design have now added a new clothing line to their collection: Weaves and Blends. With Tradicional Craftmanship using an array of weaving techniques, styled to captivate and symbolize the contemporary spirit, this luxury cashmere collection is a great addition to Knox Design's Clothing Range. 

Comfortable pieces ranging from soft lounge pants, ombre wide-fitting t-shirts, loungy cardigans, to flowing scarves. Any of these pieces can be mixed and matched both with each other and with anything in your closet. Style it up to make an amazing outfit with some jewellery and heels or go for a relaxed style with your favorite flats and a cute accessory.


 Mix Weaves and Blends Cashmere Tops and Trousers with Snö of Sweden Jewelry to make the perfect outfit!!!

(All available in Knox Design Stores)