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Stunning designer walls! ... and how to create them

Are you looking for ideas on how to create a designer feature wall in your home?

Here are some trends and inspirations to help you take the plunge.

feature wall 13             feature wall 15             feature wall 11

If you want to create the wow factor in your home, a feature wall is a quick and effective way to do this.

Work out which wall is the most dominant in your room, in the bedroom we often use the bed head wall creating a backdrop for our headboards but in other rooms it needs to be a wall which is seen. Its no use adding a wonderful wall paper or panel to a wall which can only be seen from a difficult angle. The point of a feature wall is to grab the attention and really be seen, so don’t be shy.

In my designs over the years I have used many designer wall papers, paint finishes and wall panels and when ever possible I add lighting to make even more of a feature, if you are going to do it, do it well.

I personally don’t like to add pictures or art onto my feature walls as I prefer to allow the feature to become the art.

Some of the wall panels that I have used are quite pricey as they are bespoke pieces and become part of the fittings but a paint finish or wall paper can be less expensive and a less risky option if you are not 100% sure.

Chose a paper which shows your personality and colour scheme and go for it. Here are some of my feature walls and favourite coverings.

feature wall 1 feature wall 7 feature wall 5feature wall 9feature wall 8 feature wall 6feature wall 2feature wall 4feature wall 13feature wall 10feature wall 14feature wall 15feature wall 11feature wall 12