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Justine's tips on adding colour to your Home Decor

I am a big fan of colour, and use it liberally in my own home and many of my interior design projects.

Villa Bendinat Living RoomVilla Bendiant Living Room Ambient



                                    I like to make a big splash of colour within my designs but if you are a colour beginner then start with the accessories.

Keep the lightest colour or your neutral for walls and floors and introduce darker or more vibrant colours in smaller areas. A maximum of 3 colours is my rule but equally you can use shades of colours too. And keeping to a rule of 3 try to use a colour at least 3 times. For example, in your cushions, sofa blanket and art.

If in doubt about mixing colours and which colours would compliment each other, you could stick to a monochromatic colour scheme which consists of various shades of only one colour. You can also manipulate the size and shape of a room, using colour. Darker warm colours shrink space while Pale cool colours expand.


I also like to throw in a wild card colour if I am using a monochrome room scheme, an example of this would be a bright coloured chair or sofa in a black and white room. It really adds a pop of interest.

Villa Bendinat Black and White RoomVilla Bendinat Black and White Room Ambient

The great thing about colour is that you don’t always have to redecorate to get a colourful effect.

Just a little bit of know how, some accessories and a few updates can give you a great new look.

If you need help with your updates call in and see us at the Knox Design home store, we have brand new cushions and accessories available in store and our cosy coffee corner has all the latest home décor magazines for some inspiration.