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Élitis Perles Wallpaper Collection

Cover Photo Elitis Perles

"I will give you pearls of rain coming from countries where it never rains." -Jacques Brel

Elitis Perles Wallpapers imitate the aspect of beads on your wall. A choice of five different patterns: Jade, Tourmaline, Topaze, Parade de Samba or Nouvel Eden.

Jade a Solid Block of colour with the beautiful texture of beads embroidered onto the wall can give a bright bold statement or a subtle neutral texture to any room. 

Tourmaline is a twist on the classic paisley pattern. Choose from nine different variations of colour to jazz up your wall.

Topaz, an abstract flow of lighter and darker beads make a beautiful calming pattern, also with a selection of nine different colours to add some texture to the room. 

Parade of Samba has a neutral background with a cascading waterfall of bright and colourful stripes coming down from above. Bring some colour into the room with this original textured wallpaper.

Nouvel Eden has a beautiful bold floral pattern with bright green leaves and orange flowers embroidered onto the wall with beads giving an ombre effect from the middle out towards the darker edges. Make a statement!


Elitis Perle Jade Lifestyle                  Elitis Perle Jade Blue


Elitis Perle Tourmaline Lifestyle                   Elitis Perle Tormaline Orange


Elitis Perle Topaze Lifestyle                  Elitis Perle Topaze Cream


Elitis Samba Lifestyle                   Elitis Perle Samba Colour


Eltisi Perle Eden Lifestyle                   Elitis Perle Eden colour