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Testimonial Villa Cala Llombarts - Dieter and Siggi

We are the owners of the house in Cala Llombards.

I won’t tell you from the beginning of the  wonderful  time with this great lovely friendly team .... takes too much time We decided to buy this house and wanted to change some things . After a few hours talking with Justine and the  builders everything was clear.

We were in Germany while she was here looking after everything for all the changes. Everything was inkeeping of hers and ours tastes. Only 8 weeks for a complete renovation with no complications.

Everyone told us "That you won't find anyone for this work in 8 weeks and we would get a lot of problems". After some e-mails and a couple of What’sapps We can’t  believe the results. Wonderful workers, great builders, a friendly team and Justine .....wow!

You have found 2 new friends and fans in us.

Thank you all for this great work, for our lovely idylic home and your passion.  Thank you all sooooooo much, Siggi & Dieter